Elation DD6WM Pro


- 1x DMX In, Through and 6x Out
- All connectors 3-pin Phoenix
- Optical isolation of every port
- Input isolated electrically
- Low profile IP 20 housing
- Mounting holes
- Including PSU

- 6-way wall mount DMX splitter/amplifier
- Permanent, wall mount, installation type
- Input, Thru and Outputs fitted with 3 pin Phoenix connectors
- 6 X Blue DMX L.E.D. indicators, 1 x Red Power L.E.D indicator
- Power Thru to pass power to additional DD-6’s
- Low profile, IP20 rated, polycarbonate housing
- All outputs optically isolated
- Data Input electrically isolated
- Power Input: 230VAC, 50Hz
- Operation Temperature: -10º C to +50º C
- Storage Temperature: -20º C to +70º C
- Dimensions: 195 x 110 x 22mm
- Weight: 0.25kg