Hill Audio VMA-1240B

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The VMA-1240B media amplifier combines a MP3 player, a Bluetooth receiver, a FM Tuner and a multitude of microphones and stereo sources with a high-headroom 240W high-impedance (100V)  amplifier in one compact unit. The amplifier uses proven class AB amplification technology with a high-performance toroidal output transformer, for years of trouble-free operation. VCA volume remote control is provided for the main output. With the additional zone output, the unit can control an external amplifier for the zone signal, which can be the same as the master signal or a direct choice of inputs. A music on-hold output allows to feed the unit’s music program into a telephone system. Adding the seamless integration with fire evacuation systems, the VMA-1240B is the default choice for any mid-scale venue employing 100V line speakers for sound reinforcement.